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Special Interest Tours

Within the seas of Turkey, divers can discover a fascinating submerged world, from underwater caverns to sunken ships and even the remains of ancient cities. The only areas prohibited from diving are military zones, those conducting scientific research and areas under protection.


Golf, which has a long history and is known for being the most environment oriented sport, is showing a great development in recent years in Turkey. About 50 million people of every gender and layer of society in nearly 30 thousand fields are playing golf, which is the oldest sports branch with written rules, and also one of the most profitable ones. As golf enables the players to have a break from daily problems, by spending hours in the nature, it is an ideal recreation and for some, a way of life. That is why specialist attribute the improvement of the prductivity and health of societies, to the increase of the number of golf clubs.


Adopting an approach of diversifying tourist activities and expand those to the whole year, the Ministry of Tourism is attaching great emphasis on the golf tourism. To this end, the Ministry studied areas suitable as golf fields, which are near to our shores and the high-capacity accommodation plants. The planning on these areas has already been cocluded. Golf is a kind of recreation preferred by the high income level foreign visitors. Taking this into account, the Ministry has foreseen to include other sports facilities in planned golf fields and targeted at internationally-compatible standards. The Ministry aims at holding international golf tournaments in our country in future years and determined 10 golf fields to this end. Under the Tourism Incentive Law No 2634, the Ministry determined some public areas to be turned into golf fields with all relevant environmental facilities and allocated these areas to investors.


Turkey, with its rich natural resources and hundreds of rivers, provides great opportunities for water sports like rafting, canoeing and water-skiing, while always respecting the cultural, historical and environmental qualities of the country. The most famous is the River Coruh, renowned internationally as one of the fastest flowing in the world, and venue of the 4th World Watersports Championships in 1993 which saw 300 competitors from 28 countries.


Alone together. At last. Just the two of you, with nothing but love on your mind. You need only think of each other, because we've thought of everything else. A honeymoon in Turkey is your chance to discover historic architecture, oriental splendor, stunning landscapes and delicious cuisine. Turkey's friendly people will welcome you to their fascinating country, which offers you superbly preserved classical ruins, modern cities with great shopping opportunities and countless sporting activities, such as mountain trekking and river rafting.


The world has gained greater appreciation for Turkey's distinctive cuisine and resurgent wine industry. The Turkish taste for fine dining dates back to the exacting standards of the great Ottoman courts and is an inherent part of the culture. Every region of Turkey specializes in a different type of cuisine. This tour is a culinary odyssey, in which you learn how to prepare some of the succulent dishes so popular throughout Turkey and where to find the secret ingredients they are made from.

You will also enjoy regional cuisine with local people in their homes and have opportunity to see regional cultures first hand and gain insight into how they have developed.


Time spent on the yayla is particularly suited to a holiday of relaxation and the enjoyment of nature. You wake up each morning startled at the tranquility and heart-stopping splendor of the surrounding landscapes. Whatever your interest - butterflies, wild flowers, birds or other animals - leisurely walks in the rolling meadows and through the pine forests will provide a welcome change from city life. In surroundings free from the harsh glare of urban lights, night watching and star-gazing take on new meaning. For those who want a more active holiday than strolling through tranquil pastures and capturing magnificent views on camera, the yaylas can offer more energetic activities. You could try grass skiing on the vast meadows, trekking or mountain-climbing. In some areas white-water rafting is possible. After exerting yourself to the desired degree, you can enjoy the simple but exquisite fare of yayla meals. Fresh milk, cheese, honey, butter, bread, hot yogurt soup, nourishing stews and wheat dishes satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. In the evening you too can settle down to the community and friendship of an open fire, songs and long tales.
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