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Turkey still remains an enigma to most people. And its location, at the junction of Europe, the CIS countries and the Middle East, is still as strategic as ever.
Europe and Asia meet in Turkey.
The Bosphorus strait divides the two and provides the vital link from Russia’s Black Sea ports to the Mediterranean and beyond.
On Turkey’s borders are Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, and Georgia nearly 780.000 square kilometers in area. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by sea and covered for two-thirds by mountains.
Highest of these is mighty Mount Ararat on whose 5.165 meters summit Noah’s Ark came to rest.
Turkey’s climate varies widely. The Anatolia plateau, which forms the bulk of Turkey, is warm in summer and cold in winter.
The Black Sea coast is mild and damp, and the Mediterranean coast is warm and sunny.
Turkey forms a natural land bridge between East and West. Across it have marched armies of numerous invaders, leaving behind them the slit of many races and cultures.
The Hittites established a great empire in Anatolia, 5000 years ago, which rivaled Mesopotamia, the birthplace of civilization.
The fall of legendary Troy gave the ancient Greeks their first foothold in Anatolia, after them came the Phrygians the Lydians and the Persians, followed by Alexander the Great.
After his death Anatolia was incorporated into the Roman, and later the Byzantine Empires. Finally, from the central Asian sea of grass came the Turks. Under two dynasties, the Seljuks and the Ottomans, they established farflug empires which lasted for nearly nine hundred years. The final blow came at the hands of th Turks themselves, when in 1923 Kemal Atatürk proclaimed the new Turkish republic and laid the foundation of modern Turkey.
The Turks of today, like their past are a mixture of East and West, Asia and Europe.
The origins of their language lie in the Steppes of Asia, where the Orkhon inscriptions of the 7th century provide the earliest record of Turkish. When the Turks embraced Islam in the 10th century, they also adapted the Arabic script as being that in which the Moslem holy book, the Koran, was revealed by God to his prophet Mohammed.
In 1928 in his drive towards westernization, Atatürk decreed the Turks should use the Latin alphabet. He toured the country with blackboard and chalk teaching it…
Atatürk replaced the Islamic canon law with the Swiss civil law, banned polygamy and forbade woman to wear the veil. Turkey has a mixed economy within which the public and private sectors coexist. Istanbul surrounded by agarland of waters its skyline shaped by 400 mosques is Turkey’s largest city and business center. It is the only city in the world located on two continents.. linked across the Bosphorus 2 suspension bridges, each over 1 km.
Many tourists have come to Turkey since Noah. Two of the Seven wonders of the ancient world the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Temple of Diana at Ephesus.
Little of these wonders remain, but with the ruins of 12 great civilizations the whole of Turkey is one vast open air museum: the prehistoric wall paintings of Çatal höyük, the ruined Lydian capital at Sardis, the Byzantine chapels of Cappadocia, the Roman theatre at Aspendos. The oldest functioning building in the world, the 1500 years old Hagia Sophia, is in Istanbul, Turkey.
Many other things that you heard of but may be not connected to Turkey such as:
Santa Claus home and Church is in Turkey. Mount Ararat of Noah’s ark is in Turkey.
King Midas(of the golden) capital and Tomb are in Turkey.
The Troy (of Helen) is in Turkey.
Jason found the Golden Fleece in Turkey.
Hannibal is buried in Turkey.
The ruins of great Hellenic cities of the lonian federation are all in Turkey.
Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Urartian, Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenic, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Crusaders, Seljuk, Ottoman civilizations was comporised of most of Turkey.
The Cilican gates are in Turkey.
Göreme valley (valley of fantastic) has more than 300 churches carved out of rock caves in Turkey.
In half a day you can see half a dozer crusaders castles in Turkey.
Diogenes was born in Turkey.
Marco Polo set off for Cathay from Turkey.
The last home of Virgin Mary is in Turkey.
The grave of Saint Paul(the beloved disciple)is in Turkey.
Abraham’s fathers grave is in Turkey.
The first known Christian church is Turkey.
First Psycho – therapy center in the world is located in Bergama – Aesclepion.
All seven churches of revelations are in Turkey.
St. Paul was born in Turkey.
More than half of Saint Paul’s journeys were in Turkey.
A salt lake twice the size of the dead sea and 3000 ft above sea level lies in Turkey.
Dutch tulips came originally from Turkey.
Beside all these, traditional Turkish cuisine, clean sea, sand sun and Turkish people.
Why not use these opportunities for your groups…

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